Buying Sonoma County Real Estate: This Agent’s Promise

What should you expect as a buyer?

  • To learn how a minimal down payment can buy a home.
  • To learn that a past or current credit problem can be overcome to allow home ownership.
  • To know what loan amount you can qualify for.
  • To know the various financing options available.
  • Assistance in getting the the lowest interest rate on your mortgage.
  • An accurate estimate of the total cash required to buy a home.
  • To be shown homes available for sale in the neighborhood of your choice, regardless of which real estate company has it listed or advertised.
  • The facts on past appreciation rates for neighborhoods.
  • A written explanation of purchase documents before you sign anything.
  • Help to obtain desired property inspections.
  • A personal “walk-through” of the home prior to closing.
  • A thorough explanation of all closing documents.
  • To be informed along the way.
  • Personal attention after the sale.

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