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Going Green is much more than a movement – it’s a necessity and economic benefit for us all. We hear a lot of trendy talks, but the underlying issues and considerations are part of humanity’s biggest challenges. For those who would like more information regarding the importance of going green, I recommend visiting the Sonoma County Climate Protection Campaign for more on the significant impact of climate change. While changing our light bulbs or installing a solar system is useful to do, there is so much more to understand.

With the constant flow of new technology and better construction practices, we have a deepening awareness of what we all can do to not only make our homes and buildings green but have a real impact on climate change. The advantage of green practices is they focus largely on increasing the efficiency of anything that uses energy. Happily, for us all, that means we can save money, get a return on investing in greater efficiency, and reduce our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions (i.e., carbon) at the same time. Mitigating climate change is imperative to us and future generations.

Real Estate professionals have a responsibility to keep our clients abreast of the best green technology and the programs to assist their efforts. More rapidly than expected, green features of buildings are starting to be reflected in marketing and resale value.

I will use this site as a portal and resource to educate about the best green practices and the latest environmental discussions.

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