Jay Young

I put my condo on the market to move in with my fiancé. I thought saving a few bucks would be beneficial, and I chose to go with a service that, with my hard work would help me sell my condo, providing some marketing and all the legalese at a substantial price cut in realtor fees. Well there’s a tradeoff with this and my condo sat on the market for 90 days with little action.

I then hired Melody who in a whirlwind of activity worked up a game plan to get my condo noticed. Melody is one who leaves no tool unused, including unconventional approaches. She brought in a feng-shui expert to revise my condo so that the energy was conducive to bringing in buyers. It was very interesting — some things were common sense, others were somewhat other-worldly. I was willing to try just about anything at that time. Activity around the condo stirred up in no-time.

Long story short – it worked! The particular financial needs around selling my condo were satisfied in the absolute best of possibilities. I have dealt with several other realtors but none have been quite like Melody (in a good sense!). I only wish I had gone to Melody in the first place.

I highly recommend her for her experience, knowledge, high-energy, friendliness, attention to detail, accessibility, and follow up.

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