Ken and Julie Bradley

Melody Montero first helped us purchase a home, and through that long process, we became friends. So naturally, when it came time to sell that home and purchase our dream home we knew Melody would be our Realtor of choice on both homes. The sale was a breeze! Melody got us well over our asking price in less than 24 hours, and then went on to get us several backup offers. Purchasing our dream property, however, required a bit more patience. My husband and I had very specific, and hard to find, desires for our new home, as well as a very definite price point. Several times I thought we had found “the one” only to be outbid. Each time Melody would remind us that when the right one really did come along we would know it. And we would get it. Ken and I were ready to jump at anything but Melody kept remind us of our goals for the property and counseled us to be patient. We are now the proud owners of property that more than exceeded our dreams and in a location, we never thought possible! Through both the purchasing and selling of each of our homes, Melody took care of all of the behind-the-scenes logistics leaving us free to concentrate on the important things. Like keeping our sanity!

Wine Country Real Estate